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Colorful Crochet Flowers Hand-knitted

Colorful Crochet Flowers Hand-knitted

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Add a touch of vibrancy to any space with this hand-knitted Colorful Crochet Flowers Bouquet. Made of milk cotton, cloth, and PVC with a string of LED lights, this bouquet gives life to any room or special event. With exquisite workmanship that holds up to time, you won't be disappointed in its quality. Its design includes a cylindrical paper support at the bottom to hold either a single, large flower or an entire bouquet for special occasions like weddings or parties. It also makes for great decorations in bedrooms, dorms, and office desks; not only adding life but making for a unique gift for friends and family. Whether you’re looking for the perfect home decor piece or a way to add pizazz to your next event, the Colorful Crochet Flowers Hand-Knitted Bouquet is sure to give your interior spaces lasting beauty.



Color: Pink/Blue/Purple/Orange
Material: Milk Cotton+ Cloth+ PVC+ LED
Number: KE0031

Package Includes: 
Artificial flowers * 1 bunch 
(Include Paper cylinder*1pc+PVC bag*1pc+LED light string*1pc+Random card*1pc)

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